L’Atelier de Mousse: Our Story

Mousse, founder of L'Atelier de Mousse

L’Atelier de Mousse was born with two main purposes: to bring cuisines of the world directly to your house as a chef for private dinner parties and catering functions in Madrid; and to spread their experience in artisanal cooking through their tailor made cooking workshops. For this purpose they offer home chef and kitchen workshops services.

Why in Madrid?

Madrid is a lively Cosmopolitan city which retains its hunger to absorb and discover new flavours.

What makes L’Atelier de Mousse different from others?

L’Atelier de Mousse elaborates artisanal high quality food, always using fresh and natural ingredients. The secret is in how to convert the basic ingredients into an exclusive dish using traditional French Cooking enriched with cuisine skills from other countries around the World, such as Morocco and Japan. Mousse’s passion, is reflected in all the offered services, home chef and the tailored cooking workshops.

About Mousse

The founder of L’Atelier de Mousse has always been fond of cooking and sharing his hobby with his family and friends. Nevertheless, his career did not start in the kitchen, but in the European Union, which allowed him to live in places like Asia, South America, and Africa. In this way, he could add different flavors and new techniques to his collection. Due to his love for cooking, he decided to turn 180 degrees, and to dedicate full time.

Moreover, he trained as a Sushi Chef in Los Angeles at the Sushi Chef Institute with Sensei Andy Matsuda and he complemented that training working in a restaurant in Nishiwaki, Japan. He also graduated as a Chef in French Gastronomy at the school Le Cordon Bleu in Madrid. He also worked at the restaurant Kabuki whose kitchen is supervised by the Michelin starred Ricardo Sanz.
It is not surprisingly that with this experience gathered by years of expatriation, Mousse has developed its own vision of cooking. A rustic and handmade cook, which incorporates all the influences received.
With all this accumulated knowledge, and advised by his friends and acquaintances, he founded his own Home Chef Business and Japanese cooking classes, which he is now expanding to include other international flavours.

What makes L’Atelier de Mousse unique?

Mousse finds its world of peace in its kitchen. The love for gastronomy, his passion for handmade cook, and the vision of a rustic cook based on the principles of taking special care of the raw material, is reflected in all the events.

Through the dialogue

He has always enjoyed cooking, but he soon realized that he did not have sufficient knowledge through reading cooking books and watching videos. For this reason, he enjoys transmitting his knowledge through his cooking workshops, where his students can benefit from his years of experience and gain extra tips that can transform a good dish to an excellent and well executed dish. In the cooking workshops you will cook home-made artisanal food using fresh and natural ingredients only.

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